Unraveled by C.J. Barry

Adventurer Rayce Coburne is a financially desperate man with a taste for vengeance. Scientist Tru Van Dye is a brilliant, single-minded woman with a priceless treasure to find. He’s her guide and worst nightmare. She’s his client and bitter enemy. Will they survive being…UNRAVELED?

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“Sexy, intriguing, and a pure delight to read.” —Catherine Spangler, best-selling author

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Futuristic Romance

Book #2 in the UNforgettable Series

To prove she’s worthy of her place at the prestigious Majj Institute, Tru Van Dye must make an important discovery by age 30—and time is running out. To complete her research, she must leave home for the first time and travel to the most dangerous planet in the sector. She needs a guide: someone discreet, someone fearless, someone who guarantees results. The infamous Rayce Coburne fits the bill.

Rayce has given up treasure hunting, but his dream of renovating a starport is threatened making processes by a lack of funds—funds Tru is offering. All he has to do is deny his attraction to his cool client long enough to complete one last mission.

Rayce is like no man Tru has ever met outside of a virtual reality simulator. He ignites feelings she didn’t even know she was capable of. But if she falls for the bad boy in real life, will she be forced to give up the future she thought she was destined for?

Tru took a deep breath and stepped through the battered doorway. A drinking glass shattered against the wall behind her, splashing its lime green contents across one leg of her silver bodysuit. A chorus of roars burst from the far corner of the saloon. Tru froze as The Rough Cut attacked all of her senses at once.
The noise, the smell, the visual were overwhelming. In her mind she fought to make order of the chaos before her.
Noise demanded attention first. An ebb and flow of hearty masculine bellows deafened the dreadful music straining above the discord. Jeers, cheers, rants—they all melded into a raucous symphony.
The smell, well, she didn’t even want to analyze that. Her nose would never be the same.
The visual would take a bit longer to sort through. The four dilapidated walls were a patch-work of crudely attached composite board marred by vulgarities in every alien language. A serving bar stretched the length of the far wall, manned by a single burly saloonkeeper. A haphazard collage of tables and chairs in various stages of ruin littered the rest of the place.
Then there was the patronage. Tru caught glimpses of scars, matted hair, missing teeth and something furry in the corner that she was trying hard to ignore. Men huddled over small tables, heads close, grunting and chortling, watching her.
Lovely place. And to think that in all her twenty-nine years she’d never been in a saloon. Nice to know she hadn’t missed a thing.
Over the general racket and chaos, Tru scanned the saloon and spotted the man she had come to see.
She made her way through the crowded tables and overt looks to where he sat at the bar, his back to her. She slowed as she got closer and he got bigger. Standing behind him, looking at those broad shoulders, she nearly changed her mind about the whole idea.
What did he eat?

“C.J. Barry brings us a novel filled with adventure, mystery, betrayal and ultimately love. For lovers of futuristic romance, this book is a must read!” —Goldie Thomas, Midnight Reviews Highly Recommended!