UNMASKED by C.J. Barry

To the merchants he plunders, he is the Ghost Rider of the Dead Zone. To sector law enforcement, he is a wanted space pirate. To the slaves he rescues, he is a savior. To one determined female captain, Qaade Deter is serious trouble.

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“Wow! What a story! Bravo!” -Best-selling Author Robin D. Owens

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Futuristic Romance

Book #4 in the UNforgettable Series

A Wanted Man

Torrie Masters had heard whispers of the Ghost Rider of the Dead Zone, but never expected to come face-to-face with the legendary space pirate. When Qaade Deter seizes her ship, Torrie has no choice but to surrender her cargo. Ignoring the dangers—including her intense attraction to the masked man—Torrie tracks him across the galaxy.

A criminal in the eyes of sector law enforcement, Qaade is haunted by the past. He won’t let anything get in his way, not even an enticing but infuriating redheaded captain with ties to his enemies.

When Torrie finds Qaade, she also stumbles upon a disturbing truth. Now, she’s torn between family loyalty, and falling for the most wanted man in the universe.

“Engine core meltdown in thirty-two minutes,” the ship’s computer said in a synthesized female voice.
“Words every captain wants to hear first thing in the morning,” Torrie muttered. Lying on her back, she yanked open the panel door above her. The primary circuits flashed furiously inside the cabinet. No wonder it wasn’t responding: the entire system was overloaded. She’d never be able to circumvent the problem from here.
Swinging out from under the engine banks, she hit the deck running. As she sped through the empty corridors of her dying ship, she pressed her personal comm unit. “Howser, where are you?”
Her first mate responded. “In the shuttle bay, loading the crew into the transport ship. When are you getting here?”
“I’m not.” Torrie leapt onto the third rung of the gangway ladder and climbed to the upper level.
“What? The ship is going to blow up in—”
“Thirty minutes, I know,” she finished, pulling herself up to the main deck. She ran past the flashing alarm lights toward the bridge. “You take the crew and get the hell out of here.”
“If you’re staying, so am I,” Howser replied. “Your brother didn’t put me on your maiden voyage to skip out when things got bad.”
Torrie jumped through the bridge hatchway. “And Carmon didn’t make you captain on this freighter, either. So get your ass in that ship and take care of my crew, or I’ll jettison the lot of you whether you’re inside or out. And don’t even think about staying behind. I already sealed the air lock.”
“Dammit, Torrie.”
She shimmied into the command chair. “You better move before you lose the force-field barrier. I don’t need to tell you what happens to an unprotected body in deep space.”

4 1/2 STARS!! “This awesome book roars out of the starting gates and never looks back. Along with telling social commentary, it is chock—full of danger, adventure, and romance—a terrific keeper!” —Jill Smith, Romantic Times Magazine