When handsome alien Cohl Travers plucks her off Earth and says he needs her for a simple little cosmic mission, Tess MacKenzie soon finds herself surrounded by smelly bad guys, an ancient Amulet that could end her singing career permanently, and a man who burns her from the inside out.

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“The freshest new voice to hit SF romance in decades! Irresistible! A debut novel sure to launch a stellar career.” —Maggie Shayne, NY Times Best-selling Author

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Futuristic Romance

Book #1 in the UNforgettable Series

Out of this World…

Tess MacKenzie has always dreamed of taking her place among the stars, but racing through the galaxy is not quite what she had in mind. An aspiring singer, she’s finally on the verge of her big break when she’s abducted by the hottest alien she could have ever imagined. An alien who claims the fate of millions depends on her.

…and Into His!

Cohl Travers needs Tess. The warring Trakas are holding his father captive, threatening to kill him unless Cohl retrieves a legendary Amulet for them. In the entire universe, only one voice has the power to unlock the Amulet from its hidden chamber: Tess’s. Cohl may have snatched her from Earth by force, but she must help him willingly if they are to survive the mission.

Convincing Tess to put her life on hold to help his people is the easy part. Resisting the desire to ask her to stay with him will be much harder.

Earth, present day

Staring down the wrong end of the gun, Tess MacKenzie realized something she hadn’t thought was possible: This lousy day could get worse.
“You heard me, lady. Hand over the cash. I know you just got paid.”
Tess tore her eyes away from the gun to the face of the man pointing it at her. The back alley of Sonny’s Bar and Grill was a stupid place to be alone at 3:00 a.m. on a Saturday night. Stupid, dark, and smelly.
You never knew what kind of vermin you’d find crawling around. The two-legged variety she stared at now was proof-positive. She squinted at her assailant in the faint moonlight. All she could imagine was a beer keg on legs—and even that was a compliment. She wondered how he’d got so round eating with just those half-dozen teeth.
She forced a casual smile. “Sorry. Sonny said it was a slow night. He couldn’t pay me and the band until tomorrow.”
Keg-on-legs snorted. “Nice try. I saw Sonny hand ya the money, honey. Now it’s mine.” His few teeth glinted as he smiled.
Tess glared at him. Damn it, she needed that three hundred bucks. The rent was due, the recording studio was holding her CD hostage for payment, and her car was on its last legs.
But hey, it could be worse. She could be getting mugged by a filthy little varmint in the back alley of the tackiest gin joint in upstate New York.

“Brimming with adventure, danger and love, Unearthed by C.J. Barry is a heart-pounding ride that starts off with a bang and doesn’t slow down until the very last page.” —Romance Reviews Today