Body Thief

Body Thief by C.J. Barry

Shapeshifter Camille Solomon and XCEL agent Griffin Mercer learn to trust each other as they infiltrate a shifter faction in Las Vegas-only to find that their growing passion for each other puts their hearts and their lives in danger.

“From the very first page, Barry charts a fast-paced tale that packs plenty of danger and insidious treachery. You won’t want to put this down!” -Romantic Times Magazine

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Contemporary Paranormal Romance

Book #2 of the Body Series

Her family in danger…

Shapeshifter Camille Solomon has one motto when it comes to dealing with humans: Use, or be used. Luckily, she has the skills to use—fleecing gambling casinos. But when her father falls deathly ill, to save him she must track down her brother, and the last thing she needs is to be captured by sexy XCEL agent Griffin Mercer.

His life in ruins…

Last year, Griffin Mercer was an exceptional shapeshifter hunter, one of the few agents able to identify shifters in their human form. All that ended when his shifter partner destroyed everything he loved. He vowed to get his life back if it killed him. And after laying his hands on Camille, it just might.

A hot-blooded combination…

To find her brother, Cam agrees to help Griffin search out the shifters terrorizing New York City. While danger grows at every turn, Griffin discovers that Camille is hotter than the city nights, and Cam learns that having Griffin “handle” her is the riskiest—and most tempting—gamble she’s ever taken.


“Next time I use the valet service,” Cam muttered to herself as she dragged her suitcase to her car on the fourth level of the self parking garage. The Atlantic City morning sun gleamed across car hoods and the smooth concrete in the open garage. It was bright and quiet, and a long freakin’ way from the hotel and casino.

It was her own fault. She should have opted for valet parking, but then again, she was trying to be a normal human being. Blending in with the locals was an important part of her modus operandi. Swoop in, make tons of money off the casinos, and sneak out quietly. It’d worked for the past year, and unless proven otherwise, she was sticking with it.

She finally reached her Honda Accord and popped the trunk. As she threw her suitcase in the back, a prickle of foreboding spread across her body. In a split second, her senses heightened. Footsteps shuffled behind her. She concentrated on the movements. Men’s suit pants legs brushed together; three, maybe four of them silent and moving fast. Her nose picked up aftershave and sweat, definitely human males.

Maybe they were for her, maybe not. She wasn’t taking any chances. Slowly, she bent over her suitcase and reached inside the outer pocket for her Glock 17 9mm. It was small, but a gun was a gun in close quarters. She pretended to look for something in the trunk and tilted her head just enough to pick them up in her peripheral vision.

Three men, one in front in a gray suit, two behind in military clothes and carrying assault rifles. Yup, they were definitely here for her.

4 1/2 stars from RT Magazine “Barry returns with the second book in her futuristic shapeshifter series. The hero has every reason to hate alien shifters, which places his head and his heart in serious conflict. From the very first page, Barry charts a fast-paced tale that packs plenty of danger and insidious treachery. You won’t want to put this down!”