Revelation by C.J. Barry

Revelation by C.J. Barry

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Leeds Winemore is a wedding planner for the rich and famous. As much as she despises the job, it pays the bills and is an excellent deterrent to actually getting married herself. Her life is safe, boring, and she likes it that way.

She knows exactly who she is.

So when a multidimensional human named Galen claims she knows the whereabouts of the missing Master Crystals of Atlantis and that the fate of Humanity’s ascension is in her hands, she’s just a bit skeptical. That is, until dark forces turn her reality sideways and threaten everyone she loves. Suddenly, all that crazy talk about free will, past lives, and the battle between light and dark on this planet doesn’t seem so crazy.

She thought she knew who she was. Destiny, however, begs to differ.


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Good luck all! You can do it!

Warning: Cute kitten video. Honestly, I want the gray one playing with it's foot.

Two more. We also visited Prescott AZ for a day. It was a hairy drive through the Mingus Mountains (eeeeek!) and a hard hike around Watson Lake, but worth it all!

Back from another wonderful trip to Sedona. My happy place.

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