• UNLEASHED by C.J. Barry

It’s New Year’s Eve on a planet called Earth, and all computer programmer Lacey Garrett wants is to design her software in peace. It’s just another day in interstellar space, and all fugitive Zain Masters wants is to map the stars in peace. Unfortunately, they are about to become the only thing standing between a ruthless villain and mass pandemonium on a galactic level.

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“This sequel to Unearthed…and Unraveled… shows off Barry’s flair for romantic comedy that’s literally out of this world.” —Nina Davis, Booklist

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Futuristic Romance

Book #3 in the UNforgettable Series

New Year’s Resolutions:
#1: Control own destiny
#2: Save Earth
#3: Don’t fall for an alien

Lacey Garrett is determined to take back the business and self-respect her ex-fiancé stole from her. But her resolutions seem trivial when she’s suddenly teleported to a strange planet, courtesy of the most gorgeous male specimen in the universe.

Interstellar fugitive Zain Masters needs Lacey’s help to turn off the energy field that has stranded him on a wasteland planet. He has every intention of beaming her back to her own world safe and sound—until a system failure traps them both. Forced to work together to repair his ship, Zain and Lacey try to fight their mutual attraction—when they stumble upon a cosmic conspiracy that threatens not only Earth, but the entire galaxy.

“That’s one dry rock, Reene,” Zain said to his computer as he surveyed the horizon over planet P254-334-5 through his ship’s viewport. Below was an endless monotony of sunburned sand dunes broken by an occasional rock outcropping.
Reene replied, “An astute assessment, sir. Eighty percent desert, twenty percent water. No detectable human or alien populations. There is a viable atmosphere.
However, significant terra-forming would be required to place a water-based populace here.”
Good, Zain thought. The fieldwork of mapping a new planet was easier when it had no people. “Include that in our report to StarNet.”
“Yes, sir.”
Zain checked their progress in the planet’s holo-image on the console. Reene had divided the planet surface into equal sections forming the typical grid pattern. As they passed over the next section, the sensor readings scrolled up beside the holo-image displaying surface maps, climate, electromagnetism, geochemistry, gravity. Zain scanned them. Nothing special. Another routine survey.
He leaned back and closed his eyes, letting Reene take care of the survey grid.
Lately, charting star systems and the planets therein had become downright monotonous. Not that he was looking for excitement. He smirked. Well, maybe just a little.
“Sir, I am getting an unusual reading over grid A5501,” Reene announced.
Zain opened his eyes and noted a significant anomaly in the stats. He moved forward for a closer look. In one pinpoint within the grid, the energy readings were off the scale. What the hell was that?

“Unlucky in love” is a bit of an understatement for programmer Lacey Garrett. Her ex-fiance Bob didn’t just jilt her. He stole her half of their software design and most of her clients. She has one last chance to regain her professional footing but, one lonely night, can’t resist answering one last e-mail. Little does she know that at the other end of the seemingly harmless message is planetary surveyor and interstellar fugitive Zain Masters, who, trapped on a desert planet, thinks he’s stumbled upon the being with the knowledge to help him escape before the bounty hunters find him. Before Lacey can say, “Beam me up, Scotty,” she’s on an alien planet, in a sentient alien spaceship, with its alien captain who is all heart-stopping man. This sequel to Unearthed (2003) and Unraveled (2003) shows off Barry’s flair for romantic comedy that’s literally out of this world. —Nina Davis, Booklist Copyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved